Laptops for Teachers Program


In order to encourage integration of technology into the K-8 curriculum, Lindop School will provide a limited number of teachers with iBook computers.  The teachers will own the computers, and will repay the district for the cost of the computers (approximately $1400) by committing to a number of requirements.  TEACHERS IN THEIR FIRST YEAR AT LINDOP WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE.




Teachers who participate in the program must sign a legally binding contract stating the cost of the computer, the repayment rate ($20.49/hour of staff development), and the terms of repayment.


Teachers who receive laptops will attend 70 hours of technology staff development and/or work on special projects (during non-contract time) over the course of 12 months.  The staff development will offset the cost of the laptop the teacher is provided. The district will provide in-house staff development opportunities, including the first 10 hours during the summer.  Teachers may also seek out staff development opportunities on their own, but if redeemed for credit, must not cost the district anything.  If there is a cost to the district, every $20 the district spends will be one hour that is not credited.  For example, if a teacher attends a workshop with a registration fee of $40 and the workshop lasts 6 hours, the teacher will receive credit for 4 hours.


Teachers may also receive credit for special projects that they work on related to technology education, such as, but not limited to, sponsoring a computer related club before or after school, putting together multimedia presentations, peer coaching, video projects, etc.  Special projects must be pre-approved to make sure that they meet the requirements of technology education.


Teachers will also be strongly encouraged to join the technology committee, for which they can also receive credit toward their 70 hours.


Credits will be tracked by both the teachers and the program coordinator.  Credits will be evaluated in May, and teachers who are not on track to complete their credit may either return their laptops or pay the remainder of the time they owe (at $20.49/hour) out of their remaining paychecks.


Who is eligible


Teachers in their first year will not be eligible.  Initially, the program will be open to 10 participants, if funding is available.  Eight of the 10 spots will be reserved for classrooms teachers, with 2 spots available for specialists.  Selection will be based on a written statement from each teacher stating their plans for use of the laptop and how they would enhance their classroom instruction. Selection will also be based on prior participation in technology staff developement, and interest of using technology in the classroom.