Tech Stuff

January 15, 2003


1)    Email—just a reminder that email is for business use only. If you like receiving inspirational messages, jokes of the day, junk mail from vendors, please sign up for a hotmail account. Also, do NOT use your school email account when purchasing items over the Internet. Your email address will be sold and you will start to receive junk mail. If you must use your school email address (for example, you make a purchase through Apple and your school email address is required to receive and educational discount) look for the check boxes that you can UNCHECK to not receive ‘special promotions’ from the vendor.

2)    Tech Talk and Tech Camp—as mentioned during the faculty meeting, Tech Talk will replace Tech Camp on Tuesday morning and afternoon. Tech Talk is intended to be an open forum where you can come and share what you have been doing with technology, find out what others have been doing, ask questions, and learn about some of the latest gadgets, goodies, software and websites that are available. Tech Camps will ONLY be scheduled now when requested by teachers. Tech Camp times will be available every day of the week except Tuesday mornings and afternoons, and I will be available during planning times as well.

3)    Tech Fair—will be held January 30, during parent conferences. We will have sessions on buying a computer and looking for an Internet Service Provider, Microsoft Office Basics, and smart searching using the Internet. Teachers are more than welcome to come to the sessions.