Curriculum Writing

While at Horace Mann Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, I made up the curriculum for the Technology Applications class based on basic skill sets that students would need to successfully use computers in their classrooms, into high school and beyond. When I came to Lindop School in Broadview, Illinois, I brought that curriculum with me. Along with the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, we tweaked it and added in the ISTE standards as guidelines. When we started in 2001, we were starting every grade level at the basics with the goal of having every student able to use a computer for basic word processing and Internet research in two years. Now in the third year of the curriculum, we are finding that we need to add much more challenging tasks for the upper grade levels. Included in the curriculum this year was web page design and graphics creation and editing for seventh and eighth grade students.

Examples of benchmarks and standards are below.