Staff Development

Using just-in-time staff development was the basis for my research at Pepperdine University. You can read more about it here. Over the past two years, much of the staff development I have provided has been via informal meetings with one or two teachers who had an idea or a question about what to present to their class. A perfect example of this is the fourth grade teacher who was doing a unit on the Iditarod dog sled race held in Alaska each year. In 2003, the startinng point of the race had to be moved further north because the original starting point was too warm and there wasn't enough snow. In the course of talking with her about the race, I mentioned that the ocean currents were probably what was keeping Anchorage so was, since it was right on the coast. I showed her on the temperature differences between the coastal towns and towns further inland. We then incorporated a mini science lesson about ocean currents into the lesson about the iditarod. We had students look up temperatures and talked about how the oceans warmed and cooled the land on the coasts.

Below are some of the materials I have created for staff development sessions.