Part of my job as Technology Coordinator at Lindop School in Broadview, IL was to be the expert in everything technological. This meant keeping staff informed about network issues, email viruses, upcoming staff development, and doing a lot of troubleshooting and repair work at the campus level.

At the district level, I was responsible for all technology purchases and inventory, as well as making recommendations to the administration for possible upgrades and equipment turnover.


District Level

  • Computer Distribution--during the 2001-2002 school year, we were adding computers to classrooms and moving other computers around. The goal was to have four computers in each room. This spreadsheet was how I kept track of who had what and what they needed.
  • Equipment turnover plan/turnover plan in order--these two files show proposals I made to the administration for replacing old equipment in conjunction with construction of a new addition and renovation of our building.
  • School Board Report--this is an example of an annual report that I gave to the school board. This particular report was about the National Educational Computing Conference I had attended in the summer of 2002.

Campus Level

  • Email examples--these are examples of the emails that I would send to our staff to keep them updated on technology situations in our building. All staff members are required to check their email at least once per day.
  • Memo from staff meeting--this is a memo that was distributed at a staff meeting where I presented some gentle reminders to staff as well as some new info for them.

Community Level

  • Technology Fair--we held a technology fair for parents and the community to see what was going on technologically at Lindop. There were also sessions that community members could attend to receive some information on using and buying computers.
  • Computer Buyer's Guide--this is the handout that was given to people who attended the buyer's guide session at the technology fair